The ArabFederationfor Industrial Exports Development

A Global Branding Journey

As 3KG, our commitment to community and creativity perfectly aligns with AFIED's mission to bridge Arab industrial exports with the world. Together, we crafted a branding journey that resonates on a global scale. Stay tuned for more!


Short headline

AFIED’s logo is more than an image—it’s a representation of our common mission. The ‘D’ is shaped like a gear embodying progress, synergy, and the seamless workings of industries.

Just as gears fit together to drive a larger system, AFIED connects to elevate Arab industrial exports on a global scale.

Short Heading

The name AFIED holds a powerful meaning—' to benefit' in Arabic. Just as the name suggests, AFIED’s purpose is to benefit Arab industries by fostering growth, expanding opportunities, and creating a brighter tomorrow.