About Brand

In embarking on their creative journey, Rasha and Germine encountered the challenge of introducing their unique line of handcrafted home, chalet, and office additions to a market already brimming with similar offerings. Their objective was clear: to create pieces that not only added aesthetic value but also fostered a personal connection, allowing users to place and engage with them in diverse ways. While this task appeared complex, they’ve skillfully transformed it into a reality.

The Research

Market Colors

These are the main colors used in the field


Rasha and Jermine started to create their new line of products and teamed up to deliver beautiful handmade add ons for homes, chalets, offices, etc.

Color Variations

Word Mark

Jera is the conventional name of the j-rune of the Elder Futhark, from a reconstructed Common Germanic stem *jera-[1] meaning “harvest, (good) year”.


Jermine (CO-Founder) intiative letters


Rasha (CO-Founder) intiative letters

Sizes & Proportions

The x equals the space between the lines of the E and R, it is the standard reference for all the dimensions of the logo.

Brand Colors

Use the given color codes for the best results representing JERA.

Ocean Sky

CMYK #93b7bd

Olive Grey

RGB #8A806D
CMYK #89806c


CMYK #d0c9b9