Masr 360 is a news reporting website that aims to bring you all the current news in the now and then. With their 360 reporting, Masr 360 brings you news from all over Egypt and all around the globe. On their website, they discuss political and social issues from all different angles; always keeping you updated and informed.

The Research

When researching other news’ portals, our aim was to analyze various options, big, small, independent, etc. as shown, these are the 4 options we were focusing on.

Market Colors


Color Variations

The three colors used in the logo are blue, yellow, and white. Together they signal the colors of the Sun, Earth and its land. Showing that Masr 360 brings news anytime from all over the world.

Business Cards

Office Supplies

This slide displays the implementation and colors of the previous design.




ID Card

Logo Icon

Combining the word Masr and the number 360 together on a solid ground; the logo aims to present itself in a minimalistic way. And the addition of the globe helps the audience visualize