Three kilograms is the average weight of a newborn baby! Because just like growing a baby, growing your own business with a unique voice requires a lot of care, support, and creativity!

3KG is a Mena-based creative agency that masters new media channels to build living and thriving brands.




01 Visual Storytelling

All your business needs to have an authentic identity. We create branding that tells the story of your product or service giving it a unique  look, and persona.

02 Strategy

Whether you want to launch your business into the digital world, connect with a specified target audience, or create a campaign that connects with your customer, we will develop the required strategy, and optimize it with every result achieved throughout the process.

03 Digital Content Production

From social media posts to compelling video advertisements, all you need to create engaging content for your target audience. Doesn’t really matter where your audience is, we know the exact right content formula for all digital channels.

04 Social Media Management

Taking care of all your social media profiles, starting conversations, and responding to your audience in a timely manner with the right tone for your business.

05  Media Buying

Getting your business the media spots it needs to get the word out there to your customers.

06 Web and Mobile Development

We create websites and mobile apps in line with the latest digital trends.

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